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Saturday, November 12, 2011


This is not Desmond's marketplace, ob-la-di-ba-da, this is ours and it stands every Wednesday covering 12'000 m2. If you look at Google Maps you will see a big white stain where the market (Pazar) lays since the place is fully covered to help keep produce and clients fresh till the evening. Note that the word Bazaar comes from our Pazar while the covered permanent market like the famous one in Istanbul is not a Pazar. Anyway here activity starts at dawn and continues till after the sunset, prices going down as fast as the last rays fade; merchants should empty the stalls since only fresh food will find a buyer. The market is not just about produce, fruit or vegetable. All sort of foodstuff is available beside home-ware and personal-wear. Here is a series from the early hours, there are not yet many clients and stalls owners take a great attention to set their place and expose their goods. Fruits and vegetables shine and clothes are well aligned waiting for the clientele to mix colours and sizes looking for the right one. If you are reading me from northern countries you may have not experienced what food means in the south :) tasty fruits and vegetables as you can't imagine, carrots and tomatoes as sweet as your apples, apples and oranges as sweets as your sugars... seedless raisins as tasty and sweet as ... (self-censured :) ). Anyway if you never visited Turkey you sure have to plan to...

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