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Saturday, August 25, 2012


Kitchen on wheels

Fortunately we still have street vendors who propose affordable hot meals such as our famous KororeƧ, chickpeas and rice or fish&bread. Here we have a small company on wheels, the kitchen being a converted Skoda and the dining room some plastic furniture on the sidewalk. The kitchen is very clean and the fishes are fresh, delicious and cheaper than a McDo ;) a selective clientele is waiting patiently :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

Savarona anchored in Bozburun Bay

The State Yacht Savarona is anchored in the Bozburun bay near Marmaris. Too large with her 136 meters to pass the narrow straights around the island that guards the harbour she has to stay far from the smaller cruisers you can see in the far. The Savarona is immediately recognizable thanks to her red hull, pair of yellow funnels and bow ornaments.

Red Flower

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The ladder vs the Crane

Slowly new construction methods replace the "old way" based on Le Corbusier use of concrete and pilotis instead of supporting walls. Most the buildings where limited in height and need constant maintenance due to relatively poor delivered quality. This helped a workforce of "Usta" (masters) educated by their peers to work with relatively low skills and equipment. I have seen entire houses deconstructed with one sledgehammer and tubes of gas for the steel. But now the expectations are increasing for higher buildings and better quality and this old Usta's ladder can't fight with the cranes.

The Fields

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bozburun harbour

Bozburun is a small village on the south of the Aegean cost, where the Aegean waters mix with the Mediterranean's. Around 2000 people spread in different quarters, the Center shows a few shops and pharmacies but not a single hotel but small 2 or 3 storey houses with kitchen we call "pansiyon". This is a yacht and sail harbour with no luxury infrastructure but everything one needs except the superfluous. In brief a best place to recover from the city noisesand stresses and where time flows slowly and the most complex dilemma is "do we drink one more tea now or later?".

The harbour at night

Sloops, schooners, motoryachts and cruisers rival at night to offer the most attractive silhouette, from aging 30 feet sloops to the largest brand new cruisers every type of leisure boat and vessel can be see in the bay.
The Marmaris based schooner "Baron" offers her elegant silhouette in Bozburun harbour, a regular stop for the "Blue Voyage". She is one of the most beautiful schooner around, 36 meters made of mahogany and teak. You can find more information on the net using keywords as blue voyage, gulet and baron.
She is a true schooner or goelette and has a very elegant design and ornaments.