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Friday, November 4, 2011

Introducing Izmir, the road to Karagöl

My last blog shown a B&W picture of a path shining under the morning sun. This was taken on my way to Karagöl, the "dark lake". When you leave the city business behind you rapidly reach the green slopes of the mountains skirts. Izmir is surrounded by mountain chains that reach 1000 to 1500 meter above sea level and get covered by snow when winter is cold enough. The skirts are well covered by trees, most of them evergreen. It is hard to find deciduous trees explaining my lack of autumnal coloured pictures. The first evergreen tree to meet is the olive tree. Some are hundreds of year old and the groves are patterned by low stone walls. Some bush mixed with small pines and rythmed with white hives and reached around 700 meters elevation and 15 km away from the cost we know pass among dense and tall pine trees. The 3 million Izmir citizens do their best to keep the noisy city populated and animated, crossing the narrow bay on the busy ferries to reach their destination (it is well known most Izmirli live on on side but get to work on the other just for the pleasure of a warm tea and  simit :) - I will come back later about this important subject). 
Arriving at the dark lake you will see a small lake not dark at all, but deserted in this period of the year. The road is a cul-de-sac and wandering around I finally found it: my contribution to autumnal festive colours. It is even not a tree, just the branch of a tree among the long and thin pines. 

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