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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

An essays of pano on a moving passenger ferry crossing the Izmir Bay

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Black&White vs colour is an old debate

I personally love BW since my kids years. BW free the mind of unnecessary information and let our feelings be guided by the light and the shapes, or the relative absence of light and shape in minimalist photography. By light understand the contrast in the photography as hi-key or low-key, not the power of the source. Beside BW allows the photographer to better trick the viewer perception by playing filters and contrasts, or by applying masks. It seems to me easier to play with the mood.
This morning we had a beautiful morning (again... one more :) ). The first 2 photographs are edited in colour and BW, the following pictures are SOOC, the panos are only cropped.
10 Celsius on the bay but a cool wind freezes cheeks and fingers.
Izmir Alsancak high street 29.01.15
iPhone 6+ and Camera+

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friendship, solidarity, cooperation, and finally achievement.

The three young girls climb along the Freedom and Human Rights monument. This is actually forbidden but who can resist? As you can see one is comfortable and climb ahead but one is stronger and help her timorous friend to reach her. Isn't it the point of friendship to share and care and wait for the slow and help the weak?
Izmir Bostanli 17.01.15
Sony Nex

Thursday, January 15, 2015

cargoship Nordana sailing inbound Izmir Port

The harbour on the right with the passenger ships jetty and behind the container ships piers and winches. Behind the jetty the end of Bayrakli is visible and on the left half of the pano is Karsiyaka (old name Cordelia). the city continues far behind the tip and the far left where the Olof Palme & Human Rights Monument dresses. Detail of Olof Plame Monument
iPhone 6plus with Camera+ and PS Express