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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Teashop

Tea takes a predominant part of Turkish daily life. Just not only a beverage it is a social activity as important as shaking hands. We drink tea all the day long in small glasses. Black tea from the Black-Sea region is infused in a Semaver (Samovar), a combined boiler and tea pot that allow to mix the requested amount of clear hot water to serve a tea clear, regular or dark on demand. In busy centers there is a teashop for every block. Cables hanging along the buildings allow client to use the connected interphones to order tea from the shop. Here is our years old teashop Aykut. By the way our name for tea "Çay" (pronounce Tchay) is an eastern word passing to Persian and than to Turkish, Arabic and Russian, so if you desire to drink some tea in this region of the world just ask for tchay!

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