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Friday, September 9, 2011

Black nights and black and white films

These are two shots made under the same conditions as the previous, but three years old. Zuiko 85/2.0 with a 400CM Kodak developed in a C41 machine and immediately scanned at 6.3 mp. The reproductions are full framed (actually one is 95% to get back to the viewfinder coverage and corrected minus 3EVs!!!! but didn't adjust contrast. This is a hand shot, I mean the 400CN gave all it can deliver under poor conditions and still is fine grain and shades. I confess I can't get the same with my DSLR, steady shot and the small zoom I used. Ok it is fair for 90% of the shots but for a few it is clearly not at the level. Should I go full frame and equip Zeiss? sure I would. But instead if I can assure a good bath to my 400CNs and a scanning at 10-14 MPs I will definitively think to clean my 20 years old glasses :)

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